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The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) has commissioned many social media films since 2010 to highlight projects. Filming is often at short notice and can be anywhere in the world. 

Moldova – Solar thermal production

During the Soviet era, Moldova was hosting one of the biggest factories for metal processing. Nowadays, not much is left from these old times, but UNIDO has started a project in the country to revive industry; so that manufacturing is once again "Made in Moldova" but this time in a green manner! And this is one way, how we work to green industry around the world. Learn more: Funded by and implemented by Agenția pentru Eficiență Energetică—————- Moldova Eco Energetică / MEE Ambasada Republicii Moldova în Republica Austria Republica Moldova Ministerul Economiei și Infrastructurii al Republicii Moldova

Posted by UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization on Monday, 5 February 2018


These four 30-40 second films are part of a promotional package of ten films I shot and edited for a campaign by the AKDN. The aim is to raise awareness of a range of issues relating to climate change in northern Pakistan. They are distributed on Instagram & What’s App.